My policies for the next four years

  • Zero rate freeze for the next two years
    I will support a zero-rate freeze for the next two years.
  • Review of all Council spending
    I will support a review of all Council spending to cut waste.
  • Protect Neighbourhood Character
    Developers are destroying our leafy suburbs of Eaglemont, East Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe and Heidelberg.  Unlike our current Greens Councillor I will stand up to protect the neighbourhood character of our leafy residential areas.
  • Upgrade footpaths and maintain infrastructure
    I will support the construction of 200 new footpaths in Griffin Ward over the next four years.
  • Coronavirus hot-spot cleaning
    I will support a trained, full-time cleaning crew to clean and disinfect hotspots in our shopping areas, until this emergency is over.
  • Regular street cleaning
    I will support an increase to at least monthly street cleaning of all streets in Griffin Ward.
  • Traffic safety
    I will support a new set of pedestrian lights in the East Ivanhoe shopping centre near the supermarket.
  • Support local traders
    I will support our local traders to ensure that their businesses recover following this pandemic.