A local who achieves for local women

“When women are in senior local government roles, the female perspective has a significant impact. The outcomes are positive.
Former mayor and current Councillor of Banyule council, Jenny Mulholland, is another great example of what we need to see more of in our local governments. Jenny has been a councillor for 16 years and is currently the only woman elected, representing Banyule.
The reason that Jenny enjoys serving her council is the fact that she has always enjoyed politics, improving her community and has always been supported by her family and friends.
However, the most poignant message that she shared with me was that “It is no longer a man’s world, but it is an equal world”. This is the message that I want to promote today – that in the year of 2016, we as women need to grasp every opportunity, not just catch every Pokemon.”

Alicia Ranasinghe, Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg (presentation at State Parliament 2016)