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Lease of Chelsworth Park tennis courts

Council at its meeting held on the 18th November resolved as follows:

Resolution (CO2013/390)

That Council:

  1. Write to the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club confirming that their current lease will continue to be held in ‘hold over terms’ whilst a new lease is developed for the four en-tou-cas courts and clubhouse located at Chelsworth Park.

  1. Continues to work with Ivanhoe Grammar School on the development of a new lease to incorporate a leased area of the playing surfaces and associated facilities and the three hard concrete courts located at Chelsworth Park.

  1. Arrange an information session with the community.

This is an important decision as community representatives have been advocating that the tennis courts lease should be retained by the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club.

I will keep the community informed on this website and Council will advise when the community information session is to be held.

For more information on this issue see: Chelsworth Park: Your Questions Answered