Building a Better Banyule


Cr. Castaldo is proposing to force the closure of East Ivanhoe Bowling Club, a long established 70 year club with extensive history in the East Ivanhoe area.

This plan is set to be adopted by Council after the Council elections.

Cr. Castaldo has had no consultation with the community.

My plan will save the East Ivanhoe Bowling Club and deliver for female sport on another location. Just as I did with championing female sport in Banyule with the Macleod Netball facilities in 2003 the Ivanhoe Netball facilities will find a home without sacrificing this long-established East Ivanhoe Bowling Club. I will consult with the Netball Club and the community to ensure that the facilities are in line with their expectations and not make a rushed decision just because there is a Council election.

The ‘proposed layouts’ are obviously done by someone who doesn’t actually know anything about sport.

  • They’ve re-oriented the oval so that the sun will be in batsmen’s eyes.
  • They’ve put the club house in a pocket so that 3/4 of the field will be out of sight of spectators and players
  • They’ve given the prized wing position to the car park! – so no one can actually sit in the key position people watch games from in order to have full view of the field.
  • They’ve concreted the car park to ensure the park has no natural feel at all and radiates as much summer heat as possible.

It looks like a design to ram things in to fit things in rather than any understanding of how community use things in practice.

108 year old Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club to go in Option 2.

Another fail for Cr. Castaldo

There is only one Greens that should go and that is you Cr. Castaldo.

Thanks to the forensic work of the Banyule Ratepayers Action Group Inc. (BRAG) a further attack on mature age recreation by Cr. Castaldo has been uncovered in the proposed plans for the Ivanhoe Sports Precinct.

The 108 year old Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club is nowhere to be found in Option 2 and according to the plan is to be replaced by Play Space.  Code “J” show the croquet to remain but there is no “J” on this plan.

Note the Ivanhoe Precinct option 2 plan shows the area where the croquet currently sits as “G” on the code this is Play Space. 

This is a disgrace.  I commit to the retention of this historical club and the upgrading of its clubhouse in any redevelopment proposed by Council.  This will occur only following a full and complete consultation process with all clubs and the community.