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Jenny Mulholland Taking Action on the Environment

Jenny’s environmental leadership has been influenced by her former life as a leading environmental educator

“Jenny is taking action to secure real environmental outcomes” Sue Course – former Banyule environmental leader


Reduced Emissions

  • Jenny Mulholland has a passion for making this great City of Banyule a more environmentally sustainable City and is leading the way for Banyule to achieve carbon neutrality by 2019/2020.
  • 7,500 Energy efficient street lights installed resulting in a reduction of 3,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Seven Council buildings have solar panels to provide cleaner energy use and reducing Council’s greenhouse footprint.


  • All planning policies are now assessed against the strict environmental criteria ensuring all new developments are environmentally sustainable.
  • All new Council buildings such as Watermarc, new Council Greensborough offices and the proposed Ivanhoe Library are designed with a 5 star energy rating.

Trees, Water & Parkland

  • Banyule has over 200,000 trees across all streets, parks and reserves with an average 70 additional trees planted every week creating an urban forest which has flow on environmental benefits.
  • The installation of stormwater harvesting scheme at Chelsworth Park and other locations within Banyule.
  • Funding of a heritage study for Banyule Flats area.
  • Development of the Warringal parklands wetlands area.

Recycling & Waste Management

  • The introduction of the popular greenwaste bin, which reduces harmful greenhouse emissions and results in the production of agricultural products to improve our farming areas and gardens.
  • School and community environmental programs including composting, worm farming and tree planting.
  • The development of the education resource centre at the recycling facility in Ivanhoe.
  • The addition of a cardboard / paper recycling facility at Council’s resource recovery centre.