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Chelsworth Park, East Ivanhoe – Your questions answered.

What’s happening with the Chelsworth Park lease?

Banyule Council currently leases Chelsworth Park to Ivanhoe Grammar School, which sees the school managing and maintaining the Park. This lease ends in November 2014.
This lease was first put in place by the former Heidelberg City Council and subsequently taken over by Banyule City Council at amalgamation.

Numerous sporting clubs, local schools and community groups avail themselves of the facilities and grounds that are maintained and marked out for the school’s wide variety of sporting activities.
In July 2012, Council resolved (Resolution CO2012/212) to negotiate a new 20-year lease (with a further 10-year option) with Ivanhoe Grammar School. Lease negotiations have started and the school is finalising a list of capital works and park improvements it would complete within the first four years of the new lease. There will be no changes to public access to the park.
Once negotiations are finalised, which is expected before the end of 2013, the lease will be advertised for 28 days enabling the public to view it and make submissions.

What’s happening with sporting clubs at Chelsworth Park?

All sports clubs based on the ovals (tenants) have been updated and informed of details of the the lease negotiations, the Stormwater Harvesting Project and park management processes moving forward. Information sessions will continue to be held with sporting clubs.
A new Chelsworth Park Tenant Group will be formed, meeting regularly to discuss park developments, issues and any feedback from tenants and park users. Members from Council, the School and each sporting club will be invited to attend these meetings.
All allocations, bookings and grounds maintenance will be administered and programmed by Ivanhoe Grammar School during the lease. Fees and charges, allocation guidelines and regulations will follow those set by Council.

All sporting clubs are extremely happy with the standard of maintenance of the sporting facilities.

What’s happening with Chelsworth Park Tennis Club?
Council is currently negotiating a new lease with the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club.

Are there any changes to public access at the park?

No, there are no changes to public access, with the park continuing to be used by the public for leisure activities and community enjoyment.