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Banyule Council – Transport Project Advocacy

Council at its meeting held on Monday 24th September 2013 approved the following in relation to Council’s advocacy towards future transport projects which have a direct or indirect affect on Banyule.


4.2     Banyule Council – Transport Project Advocacy

Transport concerns are an ongoing issue for the community.  Council’s overarching transport strategy which helps to define the Council response and direction in dealing with many of these issues is due for revision.  Council is now seeking to develop a new transport strategy for the municipality.

Part of this new strategy is to seek to define Council’s advocacy stance on transport projects.  Many of these projects are not necessarily within Council’s immediate control, though impact Banyule.  A prioritised list of transport project advocacy has been developed to help drive future discussions and advocacy with State and Federal Government bodies.

This report seeks to adopt this list as a basis for ongoing advocacy and to provide input into development of a new Integrated Transport Strategy for Banyule.


Resolution (CO2013/326) That Council:1.   Adopt the following prioritised list of projects for ongoing advocacy with VicRoads, Public Transport Victoria and the State and Federal Governments:


A.           Major Strategic Transport Projects

A1. North East Link – Support an outer ring road solution that provides a direct freight and traffic connection from the M80 to the eastern side of the Mullum-Mullum tunnel and EastLink.

A2. Melbourne Metro – Support this important transport project, noting it’s importance in providing additional capacity to facilitate Doncaster Rail and other important network improvements.

A3. Doncaster Rail – Support an Eastern Freeway solution for this project, including a full extension to Doncaster Hill, incorporating a station at Burke Road North and extension of the route 72 tram through to Ivanhoe.

A4. Extend the South Morang rail line through to Mernda and ultimately Whittlesea.

A5. East West Link – Council has not formed a view on this project given a lack of information regarding the project impacts, including impacts on Banyule.  Council seeks further information on this project so that an informed position can be taken.


B.           Major Arterial Road Upgrades/Duplication/Changes

B1.            Greensborough Highway (Greensborough Hwy and Rosanna Road) – continue to work with VicRoads to improve safety and amenity along the route.

B2.            Bolton Street – Seek support in upgrading the road to an appropriate standard for the high traffic volumes on the road.   Further seek reclassification from Local Road to Arterial Road status to acknowledge its important arterial link function.  This proposal is jointly supported by Nillumbik Council.

B3.            Bell Street, Waterdale Road to Upper Heidelberg Road – widening and duplication, including standard width central median and separate right turn lanes. It is noted that major land acquisition would be required on the south side of the road.

B4.            Waterdale Road, Dougharty Road to Kingsbury Drive – widening and duplication through the industrial area. Forms part of the “freight route” linking the industrial estate to Bell Street and Plenty Road (via Kingsbury Drive). It is noted that land acquisition would be required on the east side of the road. As part of the project, opportunities need to be considered for replacement car parking.

B5.            Waterdale Road, Altona Street to Dougharty Road – duplication (to join the existing four lane road south of Altona Street to the industrial area north of Dougharty Road). Forms part of the “freight route” linking the industrial estate to Bell Street and Plenty Road (via Kingsbury Drive).


C.           Arterial Road Intersections

C1 – Major Arterial/Major Arterial Intersections

C1.1. Grimshaw Street/Para Road – Signalise the intersection and enable all traffic movements allowing arterial traffic to be removed from Flintoff Street.  This is an important change to the strategic road network for the Greensborough Activity Centre.

C1.2. Rosanna Road/Lower Plenty Road/ Greensborough Highway – Install speed and red light cameras for:

a)    The right turn from Rosanna Road to Lower Plenty Road

b)    The right turn from Greensborough Highway to Lower Plenty Road

c)    The left turn from Lower Plenty Road to Rosanna Road

C1.3.         Greensborough Highway/Grimshaw Street – major upgrade of intersection to address congestion and safety issues. Such as: Additional northbound through lane and Dual right turn from Greensborough Highway to Grimshaw Street.

C1.4.         Bell Street/Waterdale Road – increase capacity by the provision of a double right turn from Bell Street to Waterdale Road (east to north). This would involve widening of Bell Street and could be the first stage of the project listed in B2 above. It is noted that land acquisition would be required on the south side of the road (from the Repat. hospital).

C1.5.         Kingsbury Drive/Waiora Road/Ruthven Street – upgrade and re-align intersection as current poor layout is a safety issue.  It is noted that this project could involve the closure of Orr Street at Waiora Road, with a new access off Kingsbury Drive nearby.


C2 – Major Arterial/Local Road Intersections

C2.1. Grimshaw Street/Flintoff Street – modify intersection to provide for safe pedestrian movements and remove arterial road traffic from Flintoff Street, a local road (this project is dependent on the full modification and signalising of Para Road/Grimshaw Street intersection, outlined in C1.1).

C2.2. Para Road/Rattray Road – Signalise the intersection to improve safety and pedestrian movements.

C2.3.         Lower Heidelberg Road/Yarra Street – signalise intersection to assist pedestrian activity and provide for possible future municipal bicycle route along Yarra Street connecting the Main Yarra Trail/Banyule Shared Trail (PBN) with the Heidelberg Railway Station and the Austin/Mercy Hospital. Safety is an issue at this intersection.


D.           Bicycle Facilities

D1.            Greensborough Highway (Greensborough Bypass), Yallambie Road to Metropolitan Ring Road – install bicycle lanes (PBN). This would be a connection between the new shared path along Greensborough Road (outside the Watsonia Army Barracks) and the existing shared path which was constructed as part of the Bypass project.

D2.            East West Power Easement – Shared Bicycle Path, from Plenty Road, Bundoora through to the Plenty River Tail, Yallambie along the existing power easement.

D3.            Banksia Street to Burke Road North, provide improved bicycle connection.

D4.            Heidelberg Road, Darebin Creek to Lower Heidelberg Road, provide wider kerbside lanes or bicycle lane/s (PBN). It is noted that this would provide a connection for cyclists between the bicycle treatment along Heidelberg Road in the City of Darebin (wide kerbside lanes with Bicycle symbols) and the existing bicycle lanes along Lower Heidelberg Road.

D5.            Livingstone Street – from Darebin Creek Trail to Upper Heidelberg Road (Ivanhoe Shopping Centre).  (PBN) – Partially completed in 2012.


E.           Pedestrian Facilities

E1. Pedestrian Priority Precincts

E1.1. Provide a permanent 40 km/h pedestrian priority precinct through the core Heidelberg Activity Centre area bounded by Darebin St, Upper Heidelberg Road, Bell Banksia Link and Lower Heidelberg Road.

E1.2. Provide a permanent 40 km/h pedestrian priority precinct on Grimshaw Street, Greensborough from Henry St to Flintoff Street to complete the core pedestrian priority precinct in Greensborough.

E1.3. Provide a time dependent 40 km/h pedestrian priority precinct on Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe from Studley Road through to Waverley Avenue.

E1.4. Provide a time dependent 40 km/h pedestrian priority precinct on Lower Heidelberg Road, East Ivanhoe through the shopping strip area.

E1.5. Provide a time dependent 40 km/h pedestrian priority precinct on Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna through the shopping strip area from at least 8am to 5pm.


E2. Pedestrian Crossing Facilities

E2.1.         Burgundy Street, near Martin Street – pedestrian operated signals (on road) linking the Austin/Mercy Hospital on the south side of the road and consulting suites/ medical precinct on north side. (It is noted that the footpath on the south side of the road does not provide a continuous path past the Austin/Mercy Hospital.   This matter is to be pursued with VicRoads and the Hospital).

E2.2.         Lower Heidelberg Road, between Wilfred Road and Carmichael Street (East Ivanhoe Shopping Centre) – pedestrian operated signals at western end of shopping centre.

E2.3. Livingstone Street Ivanhoe, upgrade zebra crossing to full pedestrian operated signals.

E2.4.         Burgundy Street, between Cape Street and Rosanna Road – pedestrian operated signals at midblock location to service new post office location and the Warringal Shopping Centre entrance.


F.           Public Transport

F1. Hurstbridge Train Line Upgrades/Changes

F1.1. Upgrade signalling systems to provide modern in train signalling.

F1.2. Duplication of the Hurstbridge Line from Heidelberg to Rosanna.

F1.3. Rezone Greensborough, Watsonia, Macleod, and Rosanna stations into Zone 1.

F1.4. Duplication of the Hurstbridge Line from Greensborough to Eltham.

F1.5. Provide a fully independent line for Hurstbridge Line operations; decoupled from the South Morang Line from Clifton Hill to the City.


F2. Hurstbridge Train Line Station Upgrades

F2.1. Construct a modal interchange at Greensborough Station to support it’s Principal Activity Centre status.

F2.2. Provide additional car parking for the following stations:

a)   East side of Watsonia station

b)   East side of Macleod station

F2.3 Provide new or additional Parkiteer style bicycle parking facilities at all our train stations in order of priority at:

a)   Heidelberg

b)   Ivanhoe

c)   Greensborough

d)   Watsonia

e)   Macleod

f)    Rosanna

g)   Montmorency

h)   Darebin

i)    Eaglemont


F2.4. Provide a modal interchange facility at Heidelberg Station with improved pedestrian connections to the Austin hospital.

F2.5. Provide improved pedestrian bridge across the Ivanhoe Rail Station tracks to improve accessibility to the station.



F3. Banyule Route Bus Services

F3.1. Extend the 561 service through to Greensborough and improve service frequency for the route as per the State Government’s Bus Service Review and to support improved public transport connections to Latrobe University.

F3.2. Increase SmartBus services to provide a 10min service frequency for services in priority order:

a)   903

b)   902

c)   901

F3.3. Improve bus services and frequencies to railway stations and provide greater coordination with service timetabling.

F3.4. Improve bus services to the Viewbank area through improvements to the 517 service and consideration for additional routes to the area.

F3.5. Retain the 549 service from Ivanhoe to Northland and extend weekend and night services contrary to the State Government’s Bus Service Review.


2.   That Council write to VicRoads, the Victorian Department of Transport and Public Transport Victoria to advise them of this resolution.

3.   Council write to the Minister for Transport, VicRoads and the Victorian Department of Transport and Public Transport seeking a briefing with Council and their participation in organising a public meeting to address transport issues confronting the City of Banyule.