Update on the use of Chelsworth Park concrete tennis courts and netball areas.

I am providing the following update to residents in relation to the concrete tennis courts at Chelsworth Park.

There has been some recent concern from some residents that the Ivanhoe Grammar School were breaking some “previous undertaking” by removing the tennis nets on these tennis courts.

Council officers have recently held discussions with the President of the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club (CPTC) (who manage the existing en-tout-cas tennis courts) and representatives from the Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS).

Based on these discussions and review of the current lease, Council officer’s view is as follows.

•         The concrete Tennis Courts are included in the current lease with Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS). The current lease is unclear in relation to the nets within the concrete tennis courts.


•     Neither IGS or the President of the Chelsworth Park Tennis Club are aware of any agreement regarding use of the concrete tennis courts. However the President of CPTC confirmed that CPTC gave up two courts within their lease area for IGS to redevelop two courts (and subsequently build a third court within the IGS leased area of the park)and in return, the IGS made a significant contribution towards the construction of the CPTC pavilion.


•         IGS has confirmed the nets are removed following the completion of its tennis program. This has occurred for at least the last eight years.  Generally the net installation and removal are based around the following timeframes:

•Nets installed for the first week of school after the Christmas break (around 1 Feb)

•Nets removed at end of tennis season (around mid –late March)

•Nets installed late Sept (after school holidays)

•Nets removed at the end of School year (around 5 Dec)

•Following the removal of the nets, IGS leave the courts open and two portable netball rings are installed for public use.


•         The Chelsworth Park FAQ released by Council in December 2013 confirmed Council’s intention in relation to the concrete tennis courts – The concrete hard courts will be included in the proposed lease with Ivanhoe Grammar School. Ivanhoe Grammar School intends to upgrade these concrete courts with new surfaces and infrastructure including multi-sport lining on two courts. The courts will be available for hire by community groups and sports clubs outside of school agreed times.


•         In relation to general access to tennis courts within the municipality, Council is unaware of any other tennis courts (with nets installed) which are open and available free of charge for public use.  All Council owned tennis courts are leased to third parties who control the access and manage the asset on behalf of Council, this includes those courts currently under the management of CPTC.