Our Trees

In Banyule there are 60,000 street trees and 160,000 trees in parks and reserves which our tree care and bushland crews look after.

Our trees are managed by qualified staff who:

  • Inspect each tree for safety once every two years;
  • Remove dead trees as required;
  • Routinely prune each tree to improve its structure once every two years;
  • Ensure our trees are pruned to avoid power lines as per legislative requirements;
  • Inspect and manage, as a priority, trees suspected of being a hazard;
  • Respond to over 3,000 service requests from residents each year;
  • Manage tree related pest and disease issues;
  • Provide a 24-hour emergency service, particularly during and following storms;
  • Identify vacant sites suitable for tree planting;
  • Ensure that trees are protected from construction and civil works.

Facts about street trees

We plant our street trees from March to September, so they get the best start possible.

Trees are planted to either replace damaged trees, trees that have been removed, or in places where trees were previously not planted.

Follow-up watering occurs in the warmer months but we rely on additional watering by the community and encourage people to nurture the tree on their nature strip.

Every effort is made to select the most appropriate species for a particular streetscape.

Trees are only removed if they are dead, diseased, significantly damaging footpaths, roads or buildings, or are a risk to the public.

If residents request the removal of a street tree and are not satisfied with the decision made by the arborist who inspects the tree, we have an appeal process in place.

We don’t generally prune or remove trees for the following reasons:

  • To improve the performance of solar panels.
  • To provide clearance for antennas.
  • Because of leaf, twig or fruit drop.
  • Because a tree provides too much shade.
  • Tree size.
  • A person’s dislike of a certain tree species or where it is planted.
  • Property clearance.

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