Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan


The preparation of the plan is a requirement of the Development Plan Overlay which applies to the site under the Banyule Planning Scheme. Details of the IGS proposed plan have been available on the Banyule website since early July 2013 and nearby residents have been given the opportunity to review the plan and provide comment.
Further a community consultation forum was held on Tuesday 20th August. Councillors, Council officers and Ivanhoe Grammar School representatives were available at that forum.

During the consultation session of 20 August, residents raised a number of questions of clarification and a number of concerns. Following the meeting, Council officers have reviewed the concerns raised and grouped these into the three categories of Parking/traffic, Sports centre and general amenity. These issues have been passed on to the applicant to make a response to and to consider making changes to the development plan.
Questions for follow up:

  • Will Road Safety Audit recommendations actually be implemented?
  • Confirmation of current number of students and total number of staff.
  • Confirm number of students who drive.
  • Who is proposed to use the South Car park?
  • Can the timing for provision of the new car parking spaces be brought forward to provide more immediate car parking relief?
  • Can a drop off area be created within the site itself rather than relying on the existing street network?
  • What measures will be taken to ensure that staff park in the onsite parking proposed?
  • Can the capacity of the proposed Merton Street car park be increased to avoid the need for access from the Boulevard?

Sports centre
Questions for follow up:

  • What are the proposed hours of operation for the sports centre?
  • What is the expected number of people that would attend events?
  • How will visitor and parent parking be catered for?
  • What other uses are proposed for the sports centre?
  • Will it be open to the public?
  • Will vehicle access be provided from Elphin Street to the sports centre?
  • Please clarify the terms “community use”, “school use” and “private use”.
  • Will the new sports centre have some acoustic treatment to minimise noise impacts?
  • Why is the sports centre required to be the proposed height? Can it be lower?
  • Can the sports centre be better screened?

General Amenity
Questions for follow up:

  • What are the plans for the properties owned by IGS that were previously houses?
  • What is the extent of earthworks required on the Boulevard to provide access?
  • Does culvert at the bottom need to be moved?
  • What safety measures can be incorporated to ensure pedestrian safety around new access points to the site?
  • In addition, during the consultation session, the applicant suggested they would consider making some changes to the development plan. The following points were suggested:
  • Removal of fencing around southern oval.
  • Removal of one way street along Russell Street.

Next steps
The applicant has been given the above summary of questions and concerns to respond to and to consider making changes to the development plan to address. When this has occurred, the applicant will provide a response to Council following which an additional consultation session will take place.

Further community consultation

Council has adopted the following process for further consultation:
Resolution (CO2013/310) Council meeting 26th August 2013
That the following steps be undertaken in assessing and engaging the community effected by the proposed Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan:

1. Feedback received at the consultation meeting of Tuesday 20 August 2013 be summarised and provided to attendees and posted on Council’s web site;

2. Officers digest and assess the submissions and responses at the community consultation meeting and request responses and appropriate rework from Ivanhoe Grammar School;

3. An Expression of Interest process be undertaken for the Resident Interest Group, whereby all submitters, attendees of the consultation session and owner / occupiers previously contacted in this Development Plan approval process be given an opportunity to nominate. The Resident Interest Group is to be made up of six people, with selection to be two persons per general geographic area to the west, south and east of the school;

4. A further open community consultation session is to be held following receipt of answers and possibly refined submission of the Development Plan by Ivanhoe Grammar School;

5. The Resident Interest Group is to meet with Officers and Ivanhoe Grammar School representatives to discuss matters in more detail;

6. A report be presented to Council to determine a position on the proposed Development Plan.

7. Council write to all submitters, attendees of the consultation session and owner / occupiers detailing Council’s process and the process be published on Banyule’s website.

Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland
Seconded: Cr Craig Langdon CARRIED