Ivanhoe Grammar School community consultation group

Following the receipt of a petition from local residents in regards to the Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan Council resolved as follows at its meeting on 23rd September 2013.

The community consultation process has been strengthened after listening to the local community with an increase of community representatives on this committee from 6 to 10.

Resolution (CO2013/324)


  1. Council receives and notes the petition
  2. The proposed resident interest group include 10 residents instead of the 6 initially proposed
  3. Community consultation sessions be held to discuss and provide information of the development plan as needed

4.      The primary petitioner be advised that Council considers its resolution of 26 August, regarding future consultation subject to the changes outlined in points 2 and 3 above, is sufficient to ensure meaningful community engagement.

5.      Concerns raised in the petition be considered as a submission to the Development Plan application process and incorporated into the merits assessment of the application.


Moved:  Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded:  Cr Craig Langdon       CARRIED