IGS plan & Chelsworth Park lease update – Jan 2014

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Dear Resident,

Further to my previous letter in September 2013 I am writing to keep you up to date in regards to the following two local issues.  A lot has happened since my last letter to you.

1.     Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan

The preparation of this plan is a requirement of the Development Plan Overlay which applies to the IGS site under the Banyule Planning Scheme.

A Residents Interest group has now been appointed by Council.  I thank all residents that applied to Council to be on this group.

The residents appointed to the group are:

Roger Canty, David Cox, Paul Greenhill, Nina Kelleher, Mrs Chriso Kyriacou, John Petsas, Mick Ross, Robyn Roberts, Robyn Sullivan and Roger Trowbridge

The IGS resident’s interest group has already met prior to Christmas and will meet regularly in 2014.

The IGS have recently submitted an amended draft development plan.  A copy of this can be found on my personal website www.banyule.net and soon on the Banyule Council website.

Your comments will be welcomed.


2.     Chelsworth Park proposed lease

Banyule Council currently leases Chelsworth Park to Ivanhoe Grammar School, which sees the school managing and maintaining the Park. This lease ends in November 2014.  This lease has been in place for almost 20 years since the mid 1990’s and was taken over by Banyule at amalgamation.

IGS in earlier discussions had requested that the Chelsworth Park en tout cas tennis courts be included in the draft lease. Under this proposed arrangement IGS would have maintained the tennis courts and the members of Chelsworth Park tennis club would have had similar rights as they do now.  However, given some community opposition to this proposal IGS have advised Council officers that the en tout cas tennis courts should not be included in the draft lease.

Under any new lease arrangements there will be no changes to public access to the park.

Council resolved at its meeting on the 16th December 2013 that a community information meeting would be held on the 19th February 2014 at the Centre Ivanhoe.

Resolution (CO2013/443)

That Council:

1.   Endorse the scheduling of the community information meeting between 6.30pm and 7.30 pm on 19 February 2014 at The Centre Ivanhoe regarding the current and proposed lease arrangements of Chelsworth Park with the Ivanhoe Grammar School.

2.   Request officers to invite all petition signatories and resident sports club representatives to the community information meeting.

3.   That a Frequently Asked Question Sheet be distributed to all petition signatories and resident club representatives prior to the meeting being held on 19 February 2014.

Moved:  Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded:  Cr Steven Briffa


I look forward to meeting you and discussing your concerns at this meeting.


Yours sincerely,

Cr. Jenny Mulholland

Griffin Ward


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