Council meeting – 7th September 2015

The following agenda items related to Griffin ward


At its meeting on 18 August 2014 Council considered a report to pursue a staged approach to implement a 40km/h zone through the core of the Heidelberg Activity Centre pedestrian precinct. Stage 2 of the proposed works and specifically works on Burgundy Street, Heidelberg was discussed.

A functional design has been prepared for safety and pedestrian improvements to Burgundy Street between Upper Heidelberg Road and Mount Street. The improvements are designed to meet VicRoads requirements for Stage 2 of the Heidelberg 40 km/h zone on this section of Burgundy Street.

Resolution (CO2015/286)

That Council:

  1. Supports ‘in-principle’ the functional design layout for pedestrian safety improvements in Burgundy Street, Heidelberg which includes the provision of:
  • Pedestrian footpaths on both sides of Burgundy Street;
  • Three additional safe crossing points to formalise pedestrian movements;
  • Directional signage to guide pedestrians to accepted hospital entrances;
  • Bus priority measures;
  • Additional mid-block bus stops;
  • Kerb realignment to formalise two traffic lanes with reduced lane width;
  • Additional on-street public parking; and
  • Streetscape enhancements.


  1. Notes the Austin Hospital’s aims to minimise the amount of pedestrian traffic entering the hospital through its Emergency Department and minimise disruption to ambulance traffic using Burgundy Street, Heidelberg.


  1. Continue discussions with stakeholders to gain support for the works.


  1. Seek VicRoads formal approval and installation of a 40km/h speed limit on Burgundy Street, Heidelberg between Upper Heidelberg Road and Mount Street as shown on the attached functional layout plan and request that VicRoads consult with relevant stakeholders including the Austin and Warringal Hospitals and Ambulance Victoria as part of its decision making process.
  2. Pursue opportunities for funding contributions and budget allocations towards the implementation of improvement works in Burgundy Street, Heidelberg as shown on the attached functional design.


  1. Consult with Ambulance Victoria and VicRoads to resolve concerns related to ambulance access into the Emergency Department of Austin Hospital via Burgundy Street, Heidelberg.


Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded: Cr Craig Langdon CARRIED



Having considered 76 written submissions, including one petition, and heard from eight submitters, including the primary petitioner at a meeting of Council held on 20 July 2015, it is evident that many people in the community and some members of user groups currently utilising 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe (subject land) do not support the proposed sale of the land and improvements.

There is a compelling reason for proceeding with the sale of the subject land. However, the procurement of concept and detailed designs for the Ivanhoe Community Hub project, including construction timeframes, will be important in providing stakeholders and the community with further evidence of Council’s commitment to delivering a new home for the Ivanhoe arts centre (Hatch Contemporary Arts Space) and meeting space currently occupied by U3A. Such information will provide stakeholders with a higher degree of comfort and reassurance relative to the issues raised in received submissions.

As a result of the consultative process, and consistent with community sentiment, I moved the following motion which was supported by fellow Councillors.

Resolution (CO2015/284)


  1. Council, having heard submitters and considered submissions received in relation to Council’s intention to sell the land and buildings at 14 Ivanhoe Parade Ivanhoe (subject land) in accordance with sections 189 and 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 at its Ordinary Meeting of 20 July 2015, abandons the current Notice of Intention to Sell process associated with the subject site because of uncertainty within the community as to the timing and delivery of the Ivanhoe Community Hub.
  1. Council receive a report which seeks to instigate a separate Notice of Intention to Sell process at a future stage, following the preparation of detailed designs for the proposed Ivanhoe Community Hub.
  1. Council notify submitters of Council’s decision and the reason for the decision.
  1. No tenant be moved out from the Hatch building until the Ivanhoe Community Hub is built.

Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded: Cr Steven Briffa CARRIED



In November 2014 Council entered into the lease of Chelsworth Park with Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS). At Monday night’s Council meeting Council considered the formalisation of the Community Reference Group (CRG) which is a requirement within the lease.

The CRG will provide a formal mechanism for Council to consult with key stakeholders on the use, maintenance and development of Chelsworth Park.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) was advertised for two weeks beginning 3 August 2015. Nominations closed 18 August, (3) nominations for the CRG were received and (2) nominations meet the Selection Criteria included in the Expression of Interest document.

Resolution (CO2015/291)

That Council;

  1. Endorse the Chelsworth Park Community Reference Group Terms of Reference.
  1. Appoint the following persons, Stephen Vincent and Bill Hopper, to the Chelsworth Park Community Reference Group.

Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded: Cr Craig Langdon CARRIED



Resolution (CO2015/298)

That Council write to:

  1. The Minister for Roads and Road Safety and the Chief Executive Officer of VicRoads requesting to meet with them to discuss:
    a) Traffic and road safety issues within Banyule in general; and
    b) A process to develop short, medium and long term plans to address traffic and safety issues within Banyule.”
  1. All Local Legislative Assembly Members of Parliament regarding this matter.

Moved: Cr Tom Melican

Seconded: Cr Jenny Mulholland CARRIED


Resolution (CO2015/299)


  1. Council investigate with Anzac House, all the local RSL’s and Vietnam Veterans groups how best to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan (Vietnam Veterans Day) on August 18th 2016 within the City of Banyule.
  1. A Report be presented back to Council including an investigation on:

(a) participation (by invitation) to all local RSL Vietnam Veterans to march down Burgundy Street as part of the Banyule Festival.

(b) a display in the lead up to Vietnam Veterans Day (similar to the Anzac event at the Hatch this year)

(c) a display of 520 white crosses to honour those who died in the Vietnam conflict both in the North and the South of the City at possible locations like Petrie Park in Montmorency and Remembrance Park in Heidelberg/Eaglemont.

(d) a covering page (wrap around) based on the successful Anzac Banner be published to commemorate the 50th Anniversary.

(e) two time capsules which can be dedicated on 18th August 2016 commemorating the events of the 50th Anniversary. The capsules be placed in the Parks where the crosses have been displayed with a notion indicating they be opened every 25 years.

(f) that two or three commemorate display signs be installed in the Parks reflecting on the history of the Vietnam War. Associated memorabilia may also be considered.

(g) that groups like the Men’s Sheds, Local Schools and the Scouts be approached to make the 1040 white crosses required and the possible placement of them in the parks.

(h) a celebration for our Vietnam Veterans to be held in the Great Hall

(i) a Banyule coaster with the 50th anniversary logo to commemorate the occasion

(j) refer any estimated costs to be funded in the 2016/17 budget.

  1. Further consideration is given to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WW11 in 2020 in an area associated with Watsonia and Malahang Reserve in West Heidelberg.

Moved: Cr Jenny Mulholland

Seconded: Cr Steven Briffa CARRIED