Banyule Community Garden Launch

Great turnout at launch of Ivanhoe Community Garden brought about by grant of $2,000 from Banyule Council.

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• It’s amazing how in just a few years this little patch of suburban land, has been transformed into a thriving and much loved community food garden.

• As you well understand and promote, it’s about community spirit – sharing, growing and harvesting.

• It’s also a great collaboration between the Cultivating Ivanhoe Community Group, the Ivanhoe Uniting Church and Transition Banyule.

• Gardens like this have so many benefits for individuals, families and the community as a whole.

• The Kitchens & Gardens project has also encouraged kindergarten families and children to take an interest in healthy living.

• This garden is a great community asset, providing an additional, accessible green space where groups and community members can meet, relax, exercise and learn about sustainable living.

• As is becoming increasingly recognised, access to community green spaces is associated with an increased sense of health and wellbeing for urban residents.

• Just looking around today, it is clearly evident how this garden is helping the community reconnect with nature and understand the importance of locally grown sustainably produced food. Food that is the freshest possible and full of flavours.

• As a Banyule Councillor, I’m also delighted to literally see the fruits of our $2,000 Banyule Environmental Sustainability Grant, which we provided to you two years ago. For projects like this, our environmental grants have the added benefit of keeping on giving – long into the future and well after the initial money is spent.

• I encourage everyone working on environmental projects to review and apply for our current round of Banyule City Council Environmental Sustainability grants, which are open until 26 August.

• We always thoroughly enjoy reading the applications because they reflect a myriad of great ideas for sustainable projects which, as you see here, do make a difference to our lives and those of future generations. Information about our grants is available on our website by searching under the word ‘grants’.

• Thank you for inviting me to what is a very successful open day. I wish you every success with the future of this important community initiative.