Banyule Budget for 2013 adopted

At the Banyule Council meeting last night Council unanimously adopted the budget for 2013.

It is a great budget for Griffin Ward and delivers on all of my promises (in whole or in part) made to residents during the last Council election.

Banyule residents will continue to get great value for their rates.  Our great services, are provided for lesser rates than all of our neighbouring Councils Nillumbik, Darebin and Boroondara.

If you would like more information about any of these items in the budget, please email me or tweet @CrJMulholland


The total Capital Works program will be $59.24 million for 2013/2014 including the following projects in Griffin Ward (or of benefit to Griffin Ward).

The number next to each item refers to the promises I gave to residents at the 2012 Council election. (Refer list below)

  • Redevelopment of the Ivanhoe Aquatic and Fitness Centre Stage 1 for construction works and repairs $5.091M (5)
  • Ivanhoe Park Master Plan – Ivanhoe Pavilion redevelopment – Stage 1 – $100,000 (8 and 11)
  • Outdoor gym equipment for Possum Hollow playspace Warringal Parklands $30,000 (11)
  • City wide street light upgrades to energy efficient lighting for long term energy and cost savings $2.35M (9)
  • Drawings for the redevelopment/permit of the Ivanhoe Library site $350,000 (4)
  • Completion of our Stormwater Harvesting Project – at 3 locations Chelsworth Park, Kalparrin Group, De Winton Park stormwater re-use project $800,000 (9)
  • Hatch Contemporary Arts Space redevelopment      $100,000 (9)
  • Footpath replacement reactive and proactive $300,000 (7)
  • Roads, streets and bridges-renewal $2.96M (7)
  • Indented parking bays Wamba Rd East Ivanhoe $70,000 (7)
  • Drainage renewal $348,000 (7)
  • Tree Planting $50,000 (9)
  • Ivanhoe Structure Plan $30,000 (2 and 3)
  • Heidelberg Activity Centre Car Parking strategy $35,000 (6,10)
  • Community Energy Education and sustainability initiatives $55,000 (9)
  • Public open space including shared trails, reserves, tree works $35,000 (9)
  • Co-contribution to commercial and shopping centre special charge schemes $1.15M (6)
  • Consolidation of Council offices to above WaterMarc design plans $400,000 (12)
  • Council will also borrow $30.07M to purchase the three State Government owned disused school sites in Bellfield and Heidelberg Heights, the redevelopment Ivanhoe Aquatic centre and “some smaller land acquisitions”.   (12)

Council will increase rates by 7.95 per cent and collect a municipal charge of $126.94 in the 2012/13 budget. (13)

In the 2013/14 financial year this will raise total revenue of $80.26 million. (12)


The Promises I gave to the community at the last election (on every How to Vote card)

1. 12 years experience when it comes to critical decision making affecting all residents.

2. Continuation of the strong stand against inappropriate development in Griffin Ward.

3. Completion of the Ivanhoe Structure Plan

4. Redevelopment of Ivanhoe Library

5. Redevelopment of Ivanhoe Aquatic centre.

6. Continuing economic growth of local shopping centres and businesses

7. Continuing the reconstruction program of footpaths, streets and drainage systems in line with Council’s Asset Management Strategy.

8. Ensuring our sporting facilities continue to be of the highest standard.

9. Continuing a strong focus on the environment, sustainability and the arts.

10. Improving parking around schools and shopping centres.

11. Promoting family values in Council activities and services.

12. Ensuring Council continues to be one of the leaders in Local Government with a strong financial base.

13. Maintaining Banyule as one of the lowest rating metropolitan Councils

14. Challenging Government, without fear or favour, when there are effects or cost shiftingto Council