Banyule Bestbiz Awards

We all interact with local businesses as we go about our day – picking up groceries, grabbing a coffee, visiting the GP, enjoying a meal out, getting a haircut, or even getting our taxes prepared by an accountant.

It’s now time to give a ‘shout out’ to your favourite local businesses in Banyule by voting for them in the Banyule Bestbiz Awards. The awards recognise businesses across 9 categories. In each category, the business receiving the most votes will be the Bestbiz category winner for 2015.

Voting is easy and could also win you $1,000 in a prize draw! Just vote by 13 October using the quick and easy online form on the Banyule website.

You can cast 1 vote in each of the 9 categories, but only one vote in each category. Each category vote will give you a separate entry into the prize draw. Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions for the prize draw. If you vote more than once in each category, your subsequent votes will be excluded from the Bestbiz Awards poll and prize draw.

You can place your votes – one in each category – all at once or come back later and place a vote in the categories you haven’t yet voted in.

Just remember – One Category, One Vote!